Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hallo from Amsterdam

Our last night in Paris found us in the hotel restaurant.  Fabulous food.  We had brought a bottle of Chateauneuf de Pape 2007 to drink in the room first, then down for dinner.  This place was classy and we had such fun.
First a little rest

Jerry, Walter, Judy, and me

My scallops and white beans, with some sort of meatball

Dessert was like a chocolate Bomb.  Amazing

Jerry's art photo of me from the upstairs balcony

Left on the fast train to Amsterdam.  Packed with people on Easter holiday, but went 180 mph and arrived about 3:00 PM   Just hanging out in frigid Amsterdam, Netherlands with lovely Kristine Galiher.  We arrived yesterday from Paris and a quick taxi ride to Kris' apartment on the Tilanustraat #336.  She was waiting with open arms, a plate of stuffed dates, olives, cheese and wine.  Her mama would be proud!  Kristine lives on the second floor (which in Europe remember is 3rd floor) of a 4 floor building.  So first thing was getting the luggage up the stairs.

31 of those suckers, straight up!

Her apartment is light and airy.  Living room with balcony, bedroom with little balcony, kitchen with big window and a typical (She says) Dutch bathroom.  She also has a " workroom" which has a huge desk with window and all her books, papers, etc.  Delightful!!!!

We found a charming little vegetarian restaurant around the corner called Marits.  Small, intimate  fresh pumpkin ravioli  onion tart with lentils and peppers, and an amazing salad of Chicory leaves and blue cheese, with pomagrante seeds.  Yum!  Then we had a lemon pie with pine nuts. Came home and died in bed.
So glad to see eachother

white chocolate mousse!

Today was a slow start, then a grocery store trip which is about takes the whole day because you have to walk it all back to the apartment.  Jerry pulled the wheeled cart and I carried the toilet paper.  We also bought Pansy to plant on her deck window boxes.

It is frigid here  38 degrees, windy, and it even snowed a little

Turkish market where we bought Curry for soup on Monday

Bakery for Lunch

Kristine and friend. Will he turn into her handsome prince?

Kristine's old apartment which is being renovated under that drape.

The windows will look like this when they are done.

We are off to an Indonesian place for dinner.  Never eaten this type of food, but I am game for anything.  Taxi ride there, I am sure.  It is dark and too cold to walk.  I will report tomorrow.  Happy Easter. Love,  Kris, Jerry, and Jean

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