Sunday, March 10, 2013

Milan, a beautiful place

We have spent the day in Milan, with SUNSHINE!!!  First exciting thing has just happened to us.  We met some MOVIE Stars from Lebanon and Turkey.  William and Ozxem  or something like that (sorry I spelled your names wrong).  Really they were students, but we said we would put them on the blog.  Maybe they will correct their names in the comments.

Today, we went to the Duomo, which is the 4th largest church in Europe.  The city founders decided that he church would be more "impressive" with the Gothic style, so boy did they do Gothic   The place is huge, seats 40,000.  Started in 1350 or so and not finished until 1750.  Really amazing.

See little bitty Jerry next to the door?

The pillars are like Sequoias.  They are 100 ft. tall.

The side nave

There was an elevator to the top roof area or the steps.  Let me see, which one did we choose?  Elevator!   12 Euro each.  The top of this thing is really over the top!

look at all those little bitty people.  We were just there!

This one is for Finn and Liam

Higher than we are

Marble roof tiles

Jerry at the way top

I think Jerry has conquered his fear of heights

Jean way down there

She is another 330 feet higher than the roof where Jerry stood.  
She is 15 ft. tall. Adding everything up she is way up there!

took this from the top (flag boy)

here it is Flag Boy from the bottom

After the Duomo we did some window shopping in the Victor Emmanuel II Galleria.

Jerry, I like this purse!

This is la Torino, the little bull.  If you spin around on his testicles, on your heel, you have good luck

Japanese couple, Models or real thing?

Outside is the Leonardo statue.  Look like he is watching you.

Then La Scala!  Most prestigious opera house in the world.

We got to tour but no Photos!!!!  We saw the theater though and it was beautiful.  They were tuning the pianos in the orchestra pit.  Couldn't get tickets (cheap seats start at 250 euros), but we both went to the bathroom there, so that counts for something.

Came back to rest and to video talk with the grands, then off to Nico for dinner, where we met our movie stars.   Well, off tomorrow for Lyon by train.  We have a wake up call for 7 AM which is when Jerry is just getting to sleep.  This time we are taking a cab to the station.  Another fast train so maybe we will get smarter about the video.  I can't say I will miss Italy,with all the tourists, and the noise, but we have enjoyed our time here.  I am really looking forward to our 2 weeks in Provence and all that that has to offer.  Tomorrow we will have been gone 2 weeks.  Seems like years.  We have grown so much. Ariverderchi, Italia.  Bonjour, France.  



  1. Ms. Emlet! You are AMAZING!! It looks like you guys are having a wonderful time and you deserve it. :) Thanks to Ms. Goldenstein for the link -- I'll do my best to keep up with you! Love from Baltimore, Irene Williams (Starmont, class of '98)

  2. Oh Irene! How lovely to hear from you. Yes, we are having the time of our lives. So glad that you are following. I will write with you in mind! :)

  3. Hello dear friends!! So good to hear from you on Friday! It looks like you are having an amazing time :) Miss you both! Ciao!

  4. Keep the pics coming! Loving every moment reading along with you. I think Rick Steves should hire the two of you when this is all said and done.