Friday, March 15, 2013

Still windy in Provence

Bonjour!  The wind is still howling, but the locals assure us that today is the last day.  Wish I had a hat, but my Gore Tex has saved me.

Its 9 PM and Jerry has just returned from mailing postcards and he says the wind is really dying down.  Today was a pretty much nothing day.  Did the market in the morning (this habit I could really get into) and bought, cheese, shrimps, beans, potatoes and pate (which for those of you who do not come to our house is like cold meatloaf made out of magical things).  Here are a few pictures from this mornings market.

guys are still drinking wine at the market (10AM).  I notice no women.

Bought this for supper:  Duck medallions with Morel sauce

Purple endive today


Jerry asked how to eat a Sea Urchin.  The woman cleaned one and scooped out it's innards for him on a spoon.  He said it tasted like roe.  yum?

Purple asparagus today too.

Little old man shopping for the week.  His wife kept bringing things to him as he stood in line.

Shop girls that sold us the main courses.

Went to the Boulangerie (bakery) and bought 2 croissant for tomorrow morning and 1 bagguette for today and a coffee and came back to the apartment.

This afternoon we walked around town.  Still cold, but beautiful sun and blue sky.
Melissa, Europe's premiere Donner place!

Field trip to the market
Guess why this square is called Pie?


Notice the street

This street runs right through the old part

typical street about 5-6 feet wide

Turn the corner and there is this church!

These streets are OLD!

Restaurant  "b".  Look at the sign closely.  It is welded silverware.

even though it is cold, it is spring

We are wondering if the figures dance or something when it strikes the hour

The Palace of the Popes

Another OLD building

Jerry is standing in front of the palace to give you an idea of its size. It was built beginning in 1334.

Some snazzy restaurant.  We will NOT be eating there.  Dinners start @ 125 Euros 

Cold but it is still a Mediterranean  climate.

Look at those macaroons. Yum
Glace fruit

Traffic jam

We decided it was time for hot chocolate but plans went awry.

Across the street we saw this beautiful building, so we decided to investigate.

Turns out it is the OPERA!!!!  So we went in and lo and behold there is a performance this Sunday.  It is called "Jenufa" which is Russian (or something like that).  We bought tickets.  So we will be watching a Russian opera with French Subtitles. Any suggestions? We are in the front row of the 2nd balcony.  2:30 on Sunday afternoon. Can't wait!

Starting with the grey stuff:  Pate, Brie, Bread, Green and Black Olive Tapenade, and Epoise Coupe

Tres Bon!  

Staying in one more night and then, watch out Avignon!  Bon Nuit!

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