Friday, March 8, 2013

Last day in Florence

Guess what?  It's still raining.  Honestly, just steady sprinkling rain.  Have to have an umbrella, have to cover your head.  GROSS!  But we are in Italy, complaining.

We decided today was the day to pull the trigger on purses.  Jerry is all about "Don't look too interested", I am about "lets see what kind of a deal there is.  These leather market guys are experts and we are the amateurs  so we don't expect to get a Great deal, but I am not paying the first price quoted, and I had an idea of what I wanted to pay.  Now it gets fun.

If you have never bargained for a price, there is a real art to it.  I touch a purse, he says, "good morning, madam.  Beautiful purse, 100% Italian Leather, I have it in brown, black, green, and red."  I say, "well, I'm just looking.  How much? "  He says, Normally 65 Euros, but since you are the first sale today, 45 Euros."  I say, "no, too much."  He says, "How much?"  Now you never want to tell him what you will pay, unless it is a real low ball.  I say, "20 Euros, but that is an insult to you, so goodbye."  He says, " 40 Euros", Jerry says, "We are just looking".  He says to Jerry, "How much"  Jerry says "lets keep going".  Then they open the purse and show you the lining, the tag that says, 'Made in Italy",  I say " How much for two of them?"  He says, " 60 Euros"  I say, "50 for two of them?"  He says, "No, madam, 60."  I say, "too much"  He says "55"  I say "So one for 25?"  He says, "no, 30"  And on and on and on. I eventually get the purse, he makes money, I feel like I got a deal, which of course, I did not.  Ended up buying several.

We DID not buy purses here.

Wanted this 35,000 fur coat, but it didn't fit.

Armani Junior for the kids....NOT

 Unloaded the stuff, then went to the Santa Maria Novella Church..  1354, gorgeous but it was about 35 degrees inside.

These frescoes are 500 years old

Took off for the Galielo Science museum which is all scientific stuff from history.  Really interesting, although way above my head most of the time.

sextant from 1500


Jerry and Galieo

His telescopes

His design for a compass

Mathematical instruments - 1600

Jerry and buddy.......

Americus Vespucucci

world in 1457

We walked and walked but we made it home (still raining).  On the way, Jerry observed that it is Friday, in a very Catholic country and there is no fish anywhere.  Apparently, only American Catholics eat fish on Friday.

Does this look like a fish Donner?

Waiting at the apartment for our 9:00 dinner reservations,  We get up tomorrow and leave for Milan, where we will see "The Last Supper" by d'Vinci, among other things.  Probably won't post tomorrow, but talk to you on Sunday.  Ariverderchi Florence!

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