Friday, March 1, 2013

Vatican City - Like the Emerald City?

Friday in Rome.  Cool today with no sun, so it seemed more like an Early November day in Iowa.  Jerry slept poorly last night so we were both dragging.  I think the 3rd day of International travel is always the worst, because your body is still saying "hey, I should be asleep now and you're making me walk around" and your mind no longer says "shut up, and function".  So on that happy beginning let's go to the Vatican.

The Vatican is completely on the other side of Rome from where we are.  We knew there was a bus #40 that we had taken from the station yesterday that got us close.  Close meaning within about 10 blocks (which apparently is close in Jerry's mind).  The Vatican Museum is on the complete opposite side from St. Peters Cathedral and another 10 - 15 blocks.....what I am trying to say is....we took a cab to the entrance.  Even though we could ride the bus there for free, Bobbi, we took a cab.  And I am ashamed of it, but we did it anyway.

The Vatican Museum is the largest art collection in the world.  It goes for miles and miles, and at the end of it is the Sistine Chapel.  Here are some (few) of the priceless art treasures there.  .Remember, click on the picture for a larger view.

This is a beautiful Greek sculpture that some ninny in the 17th century thought needed "fig leaves" covering private areas.  Only in the Vatican do you see these, but I think they are funny.
 What a shame!
The entire place is like this -- excess on excess!

View of Rome

Rock garden 
Jean in front of Locoon

These beautiful mosaic floors are everywhere!

Tiles are about 1/2 inch square

The Belevedere Torso that inspired Michaelango
The discus thrower

the whole place is like this

 After the Sistine Chapel, which you cannot photograph (I don't know why) there are two doors to exit.  We found out on our last trip that if you go to the one on the right it is a shortcut to St. Peter's Basicilla.  As this picture shows, some other people have discovered the "shortcut".  Damn you, Rick Steves!

We went into St. Peters.  Largest Church in the world.  Unbelievably over the top.  Home of the Pieta (Mary and dead Jesus) that was carved by Michelango when he was in his 20's. Lots and lots of people here now because of the Pope, Spring break, and's Rome! We will go back again just to St. Peters tomorrow because we ran out of bullets but here are a few of our pictures.

Then back on bus #40 and a stop off at the Colosseum and Constantine Arch.  We were so tired, we just sat there and looked at it.  We were inside last year, and truthfully, the outside is as cool as the inside.

A real Roman road.

We came back to the hotel and rested.  I mean, slept, like the dead.  Tomorrow, is another day.  Our last full one in Rome.  We have some logistics to iron out, like our cash card only works in 1 out of 5 bancomats, which sends Jerry into a tizzy.  We were walking this afternoon looking for one and saw the street we were going to go down was blocked off by police.  Turns out 3 former old radical group guys tried to rob an armored car in front of a bank.  The security guard killed the leader!!!  We ain't in Kansas anymore, Toto.
Jerry filling the water bottle.  This guy was cute and we talked.  We said "Iowa" and he said "Corn!"

It is 8:46 and we will leave shortly for our 10 PM dinner reservations. Last night it was a pizza and NO WINE!!!  That is not happening tonight!   Fun to be here.  Fun to hear from you!!!   Ciao!


  1. I find it hard to believe that you ended up having a meal with NO WINE on your vacation! I hope you made up for it tonight...Enjoying the picts - looks like fun!

  2. I didn't make up for it, but made it clear it was not happening again!