Monday, March 4, 2013

Florence Day 2 - Lots of dead guys and sunshine

Well, I have figured out the internet problem.  Router was in a bad place and we had weak reception.  Moved it and now it is good!  Glad too, because we find we are really internet reliant on this trip.  First time we came to Europe we didn't even bring a computer or cell phone!  Now we can't decide on a restaurant without TripAdvisor!

Got the laundry done, and it hung outside in the courtyard all day.  Unfortunately, it was only about 60 degrees out there and no sun (this is a 4 story building) so we brought it all inside the apartment when it got dark.  We assume it WILL dry sometime!  The clothes that we brought are only about half dirty  so we still have some wiggle room before we have to start wearing wet socks!  Ewwww!

After the laundry got started we went to the market and oohed and ahhhed at the fresh everything.  We will go again tomorrow morning with the camera so you can see what it looks like.  We bought fresh ricotta/spinach ravioli , Parmesan cheese, and freshly made pesto.  I boiled up the pasta tonight and served it with olive oil, parm, and pesto.  Yum.   We also bought an assortment of dried fruit, which is so odd, but it is fab.  Papayas, strawberries, kiwi, etc.  We snacked on that today too.  I think that is the key to these people's weight management.  Walk miles, and eat fresh food.  What a novel idea!

We set out for the Basilica of Santa Croce, which is the farthest away from the apartment, but it was such a beautiful day we wanted to take advantage of it.  Some street scenes before we got there:

Our street, looking back at the apartment

A little shopping street!

Gucci Kids

Baby Gap for rich people?

It's the Ruby Slippers, Linda.  The Pope left them in Italy!

A lot of the city is traffic free except for mini bike and taxi

Walking by the Arno river by Ponte Vechico Bridge

Fortunately, no fig leaves in Florence.
David, by Michelangelo

Plaza della Signora

Perseus after killing Medusa

 Neptune statue.  No comparison, Jerry is cuter.

Just a door

I knew that Santa Croce was something to see, but I didn't expect this!  Besides being a beautiful Basilica it is the burial sight of Dante, Michelangelo, Machiavelli  Galileo  among others that we don't know but are just probably as important.

Santa Croce - 14th century Franciscan Church

Statue of Dante

 Galileo's tomb
 Michelangelo's tomb

Dante's tomb
 Side pulpit
 back window
front window

 Machiavelli's tomb

side chapel - 14th century frescoes

Front altar

The nave

1st cloisters

Jesus meeting everyone in Purgatory  There is Moses, Adam, Eve, Noah, and the whole cast


2nd cloisters

Attached to this place is the Leather School workshop, which we toured.  If ever I wished I was independently wealthy it was today.  Everything is handmade, by students who pay to come to this school and learn the trade.  I tried on some leather coats, but fortunately they did not have a jumbo size, so Jerry was safe!

These girls, from Japan, have been here 2 weeks and need to finish 100 purses.  They have about 15 done except for the lining.

serious purse envy.  I told the guy I would take one of each.  He asked for a credit card!
Damn, it doesn't fit.

This is like the purse the girls were working on.  It costs E550.  About $800. So beautiful.

We walked back, with seriously tired hips and knees.  Had a wine and sandwiches at the corner, and then hobbled home. 
typical neighborhood place.  We haven't gone there yet.

Pinocchio's home!

Having a serious talk with Pinocchio about his lying.

The student wine bar

typical sandwiches

Pesto and walnuts

2 med students from Kansas University took our picture

 Tonight is stay in.  We go to the Uffizi Gallery tomorrow, which is another BIG day, so I am reserving my legs.  Wish I had that big bathtub we had in Rome.  Shower only here.  Buon Serra!

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