Thursday, March 7, 2013

Still raining, but we aren't sissies!

The interesting thing about packing for a trip like this is bringing things you didn't think you would need, but throwing them in anyway.  Like I brought shorts and sandals, in case, just in case, you could believe those who said Italy was like southern California.  Probably will never unpack them for the whole trip, because we have already started our trek north, and true to my old Geography teacher's teachings, the temperature goes down the farther you get from the equator.  I did, really at the last minute, add my GorTex rain jacket to the pile of must haves.....and an umbrella. Neither took up too much space, and we could have a sprinkle or two being like southern California and all.  Hey Noah, send the arc!

It has rained steadily for 3 days, sometimes harder, sometimes softer but always rain.  Thank God for the man that invented GorTex.  It really hasn't slowed us down any, except for the sitting outside a cafe and people watching, but it is so irritating.  All the sidewalks are full of people with umbrellas, and since the sidewalks are about 18 inches wide, it gets to be a little awkward.  All the hawkers on the street are now selling "cheap, for any price, madam" umbrellas....about 10 per block. And it is just a downer.  I know, you really feel sorry for us, don't you.  Stuck in Italy with a little rain.  OK.  I am done with my complaining, now for the day.

Started slow again, this apartment stuff is great.  Then off to the train station to get our ticket for Saturdays train ride to Milan.  We have a Eurail pass, but apparently some trains need reservations too which of course, we do.  This costs more money (not much....E 20 for the two of us) but guarantees a seat.  So we bought one.  Back to the apartment.  Then off to the market again to get supplies for today.
First Pasta and sauce
4 kinds of sauce for noodles.

This pasta is fresh, so she cuts it right there.

meat guy with Prochuttio hanging

Chicken - see her head?

a Rooster - is there a difference?   I guess so.

We had sausage samples here and bought some.

Flat bread.  like a big cracker (15"x 15")

Place to eat lunch.  Today, bean soup

20 kinds of biscotti

more flat bread

Brought the groceries home, and left to explore shopping today.  Didn't buy anything, but we sure looked.  I am in the market for some birthday presents for Jolaine and Micca, so if they like any of this stuff, they had better speak up. First we walked to Ponte Vechico, which is a bridge across the Arno river that is lined on both sides with jewelry shops.

Coin purses, wallets, glasses cases

I love silver!

Then we looked in shop windows.
Baby Hell's Angels jacket

Leather gloves


Gelato Break.  Gelato is an Italian art form.  Less sweet and rich than ice cream made with real fruit.  They sculpt it daily to display in the windows, and some are more well known than others..Jerry had strawberry, I had coffee.  Yum!

We walked through the flowers that were for sale.  It is spring here, so many were bedding plants.  This is for you Bobbi.  Spring will come!

Last but not least, we walked through the leather market.  I took some pictures of the THOUSANDS of purses that are here.  All leather, made in Florence, Italian leather.  Gorgeous!

Loved this style

practical and beautiful

practical but fun

folds in half

Dad and I liked this one for Jo?

The brown and black leather one looks like Micca?

Let me know, girls, I am leaving on Saturday morning!!!! Also a big assortment of gloves, belts, wallets, coin purses, anything you can think of that is made from leather.

Eating in again tonight. Tomorrow is our last night so we will go out, and then we are in hotels for a week and have to eat out, so we got pasta from our lady today with sauce. Hoping for a drier day tomorrow. Buon Serra!

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  1. Love the purse that "folds in half"! What was the suggested price on some of those? Hope your rainy days turn to sunny. Happy travels!