Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sun is a beautiful thing!

Bonjour!  Today the mistral is gone (Whoopie) and the sun was shining.  A perfect day for walking around this medieval city.  Jerry and I both commented on how much better in shape we are now since we have been in Europe. A three hour walk is tiring but not impossible.

  First, check the Gazette and eat breakfast.

Cafe and Croissant.  Heaven!

Started out at the Saturday market.  We had read somewhere that the market featured a famous chef at the market on Saturdays, so we went at the appointed time to see the cooking demo.  What fun!  We got there about 10:50 AM and waited for it to begin at 11:00.  But true to this entire country, French time is approximate, and it really started about 11:15.  The chefs are like rock stars in this country, and this guy was apparently famous.  Here are some pics.
trying to get the stove to work

Frying sliced Endive in butter and oil.  Added champagne, soup broth and 
cooked until colored

phylo dough, thinly sliced salmon, marscapone, pepper, then the endive

roll it up and brown the outside of the phylo

make a sauce from white wine, eggs, and lemon


He cut little slices and put them in plastic cups

They served us all a glass of wine

and a sample of the food....YUM

This was another chef next door, but he was hot, so I took a picture of him

It was an awesome demo, and people were asking him questions the whole time, what kind of wine, how much phylo, etc.  And it tasted FABULOUS!

After that we wandered around the market a little.  Saturday was MUCH busier than the weekday market.
Flower market outside

Kitty grass


guys still at the bar :-)

spice market - the front ones are flavored salt

Little girls thinking about the candied fruit.


A special kind of chicken that has its own AOC - Breese Chicken

Ready for some coffee/Chocolate we stopped at a plaza and had some.

We wandered and wandered for hours.  Went to the Popes Palace gardens and took pictures of the river and the town.
Built in 1327

This place is Huge

Covers 3 acres


Grandpa is silly

Plane tree

vineyards & Rhone

The bridge from the song:::="Sur la pont, sur la pont".  St. Benezet bridge.  Built in 1100's

Castle of St Andre

Avignon rooftops

Jerry is pointing to where our apartment is

You can see there aren't many straight streets

We thought we could make a sidewalk like this at the lake

In the never ending search for Nirvana, Jerry is always on the look out for the finest french fry in the world.  He has sampled many.  Today he came across the perfect plate of fries.The Holy Grail of french fries!

Crispy, but creamy inside.

Right across the square from a merry go round

On a blue sky Saturday
Where did he find them?

Crazy Jerry's!  That is fate, don't you think?

We stopped at a church, them back to the apartment to rest. Just finished feasting from the market, and ready to sleep.  We are so much more relaxed here.  Great place to stay for awhile.  A bientot!


  1. Your experience at the grocery store is a little more exquisite than my trip to HyVee yesterday---where I took from the "sample lady" a small glass of Ensure. yuck

    1. Yea, I don't think they even have Ensure here.