Monday, March 4, 2013

Florence - I"m gonna live here some day!

Hey from Florence!  Home of the Renaissance, Chianti, and lovely people.  We traveled from Rome to Florence on a high speed train (TGV) which goes about 140 mph at some times.  So we arrived a little after 2 after leaving at 12:55.  Why don't we have trains that work in the USA?  We got on, nice quiet smooth ride, comfortable seats, potty, club car with drinks.  HELLO!

This is second class.

The Tuscan hills.  

Outside the apartment.  Look what is next door!!!!!

Jerry resting in the living room
kitchen area
outdoor courtyard with....
washing machine!!!! No dryers anywhere we have seen in Europe.  Air dry.

From the courtyard door
Bedroom.  Small, but bigger than our hotel room in Rome

The owner of the apartment met us at the door (just a few blocks from the station) and showed us how to run everything.  The place is immaculate, and will suit us very well.  After getting unpacked we ventured out to explore.  We hadn't had any lunch yet and it was 4:00 so, wine and food.  #1  priority.  We wandered the streets around us and found a student wine bar (discounts for students) with free sandwiches (really bread with stuff on top, open faced) free if you bought wine.  So we each had a glass and several sandwiches.  Pesto and walnuts, cream cheese and spicy stuff, cucumber and yogurt  stuff like that.  The girls at the bar were cute, we will go back there again.  Then back to Faenza Street and I put up my feet while Jerry surfed for our night restaurant.  

We decided on l'Toscano which was recommended by the owner and good reviews on  TripAdvisor   What a great place. Very reasonable prices.  All locals in there.  This is the beef capital of Italy so people were eating steaks the size of ROASTS in Manchester....Literally.  We had spaghetti with black pepper and spaghetti with meat sauce, and then I had a vegetable souffle with cheese sauce.  Top all off with a bottle of Chianti Classico (local) and we were happy campers. The owner was Lugi (Really!) and his daughter/little girl/ son-in law/father were all there working (little girl was coloring too)

We definitely will go back there. We met a mother and daughter, Monica and Franchesca.   Monica is the Directure of the Medici Chapel and a Florentine House museum. She invited us for the 7th.  So cute!

Well, we are having a bit of internet problems here at the apartment so this has taken 2 days to post.  Hopefully we can blog regularily, but the service seems a little "spotty", so if you don't hear from us tomorrow that is why.  We went to the market (OMG, a blog in itself) and the leather market.  I will try to take pictures tomorrow.  You buy your food one day at a time here.  Sarah Tuetken would freeze to death here, the market even had my nose cold, and I was bundled up.  Our apartment is cool too, like 55, so we have the heat on, but it doesn't do much good with all the stone.    Ciao for now.  J & J

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