Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lyon; who knew it was like this?

We awoke this morning refreshed and bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Or at least, we awoke!  Which at our age is always a good thing.

Outside of our hotel

Inside the lobby

Jerry walking down the hallway

We decided that since we are spitting distance from the train station we would go over there and see if we couldn't get our ticket for Avignon for tomorrow, even if it isn't the right station (see yesterday for this fiasco).  We did and we did!!!!  Got the ticket in hand, then scouted the neighborhood from an overhead bridge and then bought combo Metro/Bus passes for the two of us.  This is another cool thing  You don't have to buy a ticket every time you ride, you can buy a 1 day (24 hr) 3 day, or week pass and presumably a monthly pass for locals.  This means every time you want to ride on ANY public transportation, bus, trolley, Metro, etc. you can do it for free.  What a deal.  So if we used the pass 5 times today we are making money.

We rode 2 stops on the Metro (underground) and got off at Bellecour Place (Plaza).
Louis XIV on a horse

This is for Jon Luhrs

 There was a good Tourist Information office, which we went into and found out all the free stuff in Lyon we could do from a very nice TI lady that spoke great English.  She showed (AND highlighted) on the map where we should go.  First to Notre Dame du Fourviere which is the big castle on the top of the hill that I took a picture of yesterday.  Not a castle, big church.  in the Vieux Lyon (old part).
We started walking across the Rhone River.

Only recyclying we see in France is wine bottles.  Gotta Love France!

Boulangerie really means bakery, but they have sandwiches, pastry, etc.

Then Jerry spied a sandwich shop, which had amazing chicken and crudite (vegetables) baguette so we got one to share.


Tulips, it's spring here!

We found the Funiculaire which is a metro car that goes up a hill.  Good thing. We were going to the top
Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourviere

Pope John Paul was here in 1989

Besides a great overlook of the whole city:

The Church was Amazing inside.

Mosaic tiles

It was a really special place.  I even lit a candle for Grady Goettsch in this church, which because I am pseudo religious, it is a miracle the place didn't fall down around me.

Hope it works for you Grady!

Then, according to our TI girl the Roman ruins were and easy walk from the church.  If you're  Mountain Goat maybe!  We need to take advice from Old people!  The Roman Theatre was cool and we are glad we went, but OMG the steps!

Well, I am proud to announce that both my knees, Trigger and Tonto, made it down.  No handrail, just pure guts.  But I did it and I didn't fall down, and I can still walk tonight (with the aid of Ibuprofen).

The fun old city of Lyon is called Vieux Lyon.  Lots of shops, cafes, etc. 

Funicular going down.

Another music store, Jon

I have my own street

Cute little Grocery

Fooled you!  It's a miniature!

I have a Castle too!

for Finn and Liam

We had a Coke and a Kir here

After taking the bus back we had a little rest and then went to Thomas Wine Bar that was a local Tapas bar.  Local because we were the only Americans.  Good food and fun atmosphere. 
Left to right:  Salmon, Prouchuito, Celery root salad, Mussels

Woman next to us noticed us taking pictures of the food and asked if we wanted a picture of the two of us.

Cheese, ham, almond bread, mussels with cheese, chicken and  Chirico sausage, and in the front roasted baby green peppers.  Yum!

Marie and Jerome.  Both teachers.  She was a foreign exchange student in Pittsburg when she was 17. She was so thrilled to speak English to Americans and we were thrilled to have some to talk to besides ourselves.

Friends forever, so cute!

Nightcap in the bar of the hotel.

We have had more fun in Lyon than we thought.  Always something to see if you have a metro pass.  On to Provence tomorrow on the fast train again.  If I don't write tomorrow it will be on Thursday.  Bon Nuit! 

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  1. Hello Jean! I made it through conferences and informed my classroom parents you will be taking over for my leave! :D Let the boot camp begin...muah ha ha ha(evil laugh inserted here) Now, I can begin my sub plans! Glad you are having such an amazing trip and your pictures are fantastic.