Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lazy Sunday

This was the laziest day we have had.  I guess we have gone so hard, we needed a day of rest.  And it was cloudy, and rainy, and cool, and.......

We really have done nothing today.  Little laundry, reading, internet, but I thought it might be fun for you to see some pictures that we have not published, because they didn't fit in with the narrative.  So, pardon me if these are boring, but news today.

On the trains there are different levels.  Don't know why, but the glass
doors magically open when you get near them.
The thing on the left in the front is called a bidet.
It washes your backside if you don't want to take a whole shower.
All European bathrooms have them, and we keep our travel bags in them.

Hole in the sidewalk where I fell.  Just shoe size.

Subway map in Rome but all cities are the same.

Find the line that goes the way you want to

Tourist trash for sale, probably every 10 feet in Rome

Italian Sausages

Sandwiches, you don't have to buy the whole thing

apple cake with English Cream

busy restaurant
In a grocery store.  They don't have frozen food so they use the
freezers for toilet paper and  paper products.
Outside our hotel
Meat displayed as we come in

Big salad, we split it.  They think we are crazy to split stuff.

Showing the Rare, medium rare, medium feel test
pate in the apartment

hot cocoa, it is really thick like melted Hershey bars

beautiful door

for Jim Hill

a beer, among all the wine????

Morels with duck breast
Hey!  Jerry changed clothes!

We thought this was school for mechanics, but it is driving school

fire truck.  Blocks and blocks were blocked off

Dinner out in Avignon

Casserole of vegetables

My hazelnut encrusted scallops with vegetable patty

Jerry's fish with hollandaise

Easter candy

so beautiful.  I would bring it home if I could.

Well, that's it.  Really random pictures, but you now know where we are.  Mostly eat and drink.  Tomorrow we visit Lirac for wine tasting and lunch with Laurence and her husband.  Can't wait.  A demaine!  

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