Monday, April 1, 2013

Last day of this fabulous trip

Hello again from Amsterdam.  Our last full day of our wonderful trip and it was sunny and mild.  Everyone here is complaining on how cold and late the spring is, but the beautiful sunshine was more than enough to make up for it.

Saturday night we went out for Indonesian food and ordered a "rice table" which was about 9 different dishes that we shared.  Yum, some spicy, some not, all good!

Then, of course, no trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a walk through the "red light" district.

water balloons

cowboy boots!

Took a lot more photos, but can't post them. Cab home.  Bed

Our day yesterday was so busy I just couldn't blog.  I hit the wall about 9:00 PM last night and crashed.  So, sorry about that, for you blog "junkies"  I will try to cram 2 days into one.

Easter Sunday we left for the Scheepvaartmuseum, which is the maritime museum of the VOC. (Dutch East India Company.)  It was a fabulous museum, showing all kinds of navigation instruments, etc.
Here are a few street scenes before we got there.
Central Station

Trolley (Tram) lines

The crying tower where women went to mourn their men at sea

water taxi

Sea Palace, floating Chinese restaurant

Looks good for Easter brunch?

We were really the only Caucasians there without Asians.  Dim Sum for Easter! Beats ham!

So cute girls!

Am I sure I want to eat this?


I don't think so

Jerry ordered this, disgusting!

Coconut balls filled with Lotus goo

If you say so

The food was actually very good, considering we just pointed and hoped.


We walked from here

to here 

to here

to here - 5 miles!

Maritime museum and the ship we got to tour

This place was so cool!  We really had fun and the ship was amazing!!!!  It was like being on a pirate ship, although it was a replica of a 17th century trading ship from the East Indian Company.

Ship Prow Mastheads

The big dipper

Astroglobe - instruments to measure where you are.

Interactive Ship Log

Lots of ship art

The VOC East Indian

Friendly ship mascot, a big RAT!

Ready, aim, fire!

This is a BIG rope

In the captain's cabin

The potty

Upper deck

The hold

Cafe at the Amrath Hotel - Beautiful

Having fun!

Walked through the Red light district - again!

Inside the trolley

Walked through the Oosterpark

We had great intentions of going out for dinner after a rest but that was not to be.  We crashed after a Donner.

Monday we met Kris's friend Joseime for lunch at a typical Dutch place that was built in 1400's.  Really, and it hadn't had much done to it since.  But great food.
Baby bike?  All over here.

Crocus and Daffodils

Back on the Tram

First a trip to the English Hatters for a hat for Jerry

Kristine looks good in anything, but this hat is great!

Gotta have it!


Kris and Joseime

My sandwich ---huge

Jerry's BLTA - Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado

Kris' goat cheese and pine nuts

Joseime got Pumpkin Soup

Then off to the Van Gogh museum

The guards caught me after this one and I couldn't take any more pictures.  Darn rules!

Coffee, beer, and tea with the peeps

2 good lookin' hats!

Palm beer!

We didn't have this, but it is apple pie!!!!!!

Came back and made h'ors douvers and soup and had friends in.  Lots of fun.  Kris and Jerry are sleeping, and I should be.  Big day tomorrow.  We have had such fun here.  Great way to end our trip. I will try to post from the airport tomorrow with impressions of the trip, but right now, I need to sleep.  Good night.  Fly home tomorrow.  Home late tomorrow night.  Donkey don (They say that is Dutch, but I think they are making it up!)  Ciao!

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