Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Buon giorno - Rome day 1

Buon giorno from beautiful Roma!  We arrived by plane from Paris about 4 PM. Boy were we tired!  We had been traveling for about 20 hours!  Our luggage was with us (something Jerry always worries about) and after collecting it, we found our way to the train station at the airport to take the train (The Leonardo Express)  into town.  The airport is 20 miles from Rome so the train is the way to go.  It costs 15 Euro each to ride it, and it delivered us to the Termini Station which is only about 5-6 blocks from our hotel.

Off we go from C.R. - 2 bags and a carry-on

Jerry, dead in the water!

The train

Our hotel is the Hotel Verona, which is where we stayed the last time we were here in Rome in 2011. It is small and central but nothing fancy.  We dropped our bags and we had a rest for an hour or so.  Then we went to a neighborhood joint called La Mela D'Oro and each had a pasta dish  and a glass of wine.  Back to the room and the swimming pool sized bathtub (really, you could swim laps in it) and bed.  

We knew we were tired, but didn't realize how tired.  Went to bed about 10 and woke up at 11:00 AM!!!  So much for jet lag prevention.  Anyway, obviously missed breakfast at the hotel.  We walked up to the Termini and spent 45 minutes trying to buy subway and bus tickets.  Finally, a lovely man (and I mean lovely) told us how to do it, and we were on our way on the subway!  The subway operates here just like other big cities.  Find the line, find the end point to what direction you want to go and get on that train.
 Security is everywhere.  Lots of big shots in town.

  We rode to see the Trevi fountain first and then walked and walked and walked.  Around every corner was something beautiful. Here are just a few of the sights we saw today (We took 141 pictures so I won't bore you with them all).   The Trevi Fountain is the one from the movies, and if you throw a coin into it over your shoulder you are guaranteed to come back to Rome.  So we did!

Just by walking up streets and down, and being snoopy we saw some amazing sights.  It is cool but not cold, so walking felt good with a fleece.  We went into 3 churches and what a sight!

 Church given to the pope from King of France

Inlaid Marble Pillars!  And Doug can't afford a granite countertop?
Cathedral de St. Andrea Della Valle

Bernini Relief
 Copy in bronze of Michelangelo's Pieta
Next to St. Peter's, the largest dome in Rome

Then, when I thought I was going to drop (we still haven't eaten anything) we find the Pantheon which was built in 150 AD by Hadrian and is still in use now as a Christian Church.  Next to it was a shop like a deli, and we got a sausage sandwich and an almond tart that we split.  Ate on the steps of the Pantheon before we went in.

What a picnic!
The Pantheon which in Roman times was to worship all gods
 Pillars imported from Egypt (probably stolen from Egypt)
141 feet high and 141 feet across.

 Largest dome ever designed until the 20th century

The front pillars were too short when imported from Egypt so the front is 10 meters shorter than the dome.

And we walked, and we walked, and we walked.  This is the day of the last Papal audience so there are literally thousands of clergy and nuns in town.  All dressed up.

 The cobbled streets (everywhere) and Jerry's ugly black shoes
 typical street.
 Man selling roasted chestnuts.
 A pasta shop.  Look at all that pasta!
 National building of some sort.
 Pope John Paul statue
Painting on an otherwise ordinary building.

We are back to the hotel now.  Jerry is looking at maps and books about where we were and I am writing to you.  We will go out to dinner soon and then crash again.  Tomorrow we have tickets for the Borghese Gallery Museum, which is one of our favorite art places.  More later. Thanks for following!  Ciao!


  1. LOVE!!! What a blast! Could you toss a coin over your shoulder for the Ericksons? Thanks so much!

  2. I don't see much wine in any of these amazing pictures....worried about you guys being underwined ;) Looks like a fabulous time! Have fun!

    1. Oh we wine but that,s later. Hard to walk over wined.

  3. I love the sights! Hess and I picniced on the steps outside of the Pantheon before we went in as well. GMA had stuff on from Rome today. I thought of the both of you right away. I was wondering if you were going to make your first stop to Vatican City? It would be crazy, but t be a part of history... Another snowy day in Iowa. Snow day for both schools. We will be there until June!! :) Can't wait for the next blog post! I am living through the both of you.

  4. Hannah said she would be in heaven with all the pasta! Says to bring her some genuine Italian pasta! ;)

  5. So exciting to follow along the journey with you! Drink a glass of wine (or 2, or 10) for me!!

  6. Love the photos, not the walking, walking. If you find the "retiring" Popes red Prada shoes that he's not going to wear anymore, would you please bring them to me. Thanks.

    1. If they don't fit jean, they're all yours Linda.

  7. Looks like fun! :) I can't wait for more updates!